Welcome Back!

While we welcome you all back into our center this week, we also want to welcome to our first ever blog post! The launch of our new website has given us the ability to provide a space like this to share thoughts and information and we?re excited for it!

Our vision is to create a space by and for our members to learn and grow. We already have some ideas in mind but we want to know what YOU would like us to cover! Is it exercise or nutrition? Crafts or recipes? Think outside of the box! 

In the meantime, check out an awesome episode of the Unbreakable.Me webcast hosted by the CEO of OsteoStrong, Kyle Zagrodzky.  In this episode he talks bio-hacking with none other than the inventor of OsteoStrong and the X3 Bar, Dr. John Jaquish, Ph.D.

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covid response

We are an ancillary health service and will remain open.  Member and employee safety will ALWAYS be #1.  We want to do all we can to flatten the curve, safely, while at the same time continuing to deliver much needed services to our members.  Implemented safety and disinfection protocols:  

Stay home if sick.  If someone in household is diagnosed with COVID 19, stay home.  

Check employees for fever at the beginning of each shift (if temperature is 99.5 or higher, send home).

We have face masks and gloves for employees. We are offering gloves for members. 

Members and employees will wash hands before each session and will wash hands before leaving the center.

We are Disinfecting all touched surfaces – handles, phone, door handles, equipment, etc. 

between each member appointment with alcohol-based wipes.

One member through a session at a time.

We have Reduced scheduled appointments to minimize members in the center- no more than 5 at a time. 

The Session Coach will provide queuing and coaching from 6 feet away.

We did instruct members to stay home if sick before COVID and will continue to do so.